Anonymous asked:

Okay so I'm kinda new to tumblr. How do I send you pictures?!?!

(the artist: ok, so when you go to ask a question just under that should be a thing that says “submit” press that then you should see a little thing that looks like a camera with a plus sign on it just above the text box, press that and attach your picture)

Anonymous asked:

Hey! For the artist request thing, are you accepting them if they're drawn on paper? Cause I would be willing to draw, but I can only draw by hand.

(the artist: drawings on paper are fine, just as long as they are scanned) 

chibi-chimera asked:

Hello! I saw your post on guest artist wanted, and I was wondering about details of what you needed. Do we need to draw something specifically Eyeless Jack related, or can it be any of our works to show as sample? How do we send you the samples(Do we just submit it or...?)

(the artist: yes you would submit it and no the drawing doesn’t not have to be eyelessjack related i would just like to see your style of drawing ^_^)  


  • (the artist: hello everyone ^_^ so as some of you may or may not have noticed iv been in sort of a slump lately when it comes to putting out content, sooooooo i thought this was a great time to have some guest artist help me draw! if you would would like to help me here is what you need to do!
  • send me a sample of your work
  • if i pick you i will ask you to draw eyeless jack doing something that relates to the ask that your art will be answering.
  • if your art is used a link to your blog will be put at the end of the ask.
  • if you want to do this then thank you, YOU'RE AWESOME! : D but if not that's cool too)