Anonymous asked:

If you give us pics of you after the shower, I'll give you this kidney from a rare blood type.

jack: “excuse you!.. that’s sexual harassment and i will NOT have it…despite my past failure to deal with this kind of thing properly I intend to stop it here…”

Anonymous asked:

Did you ever laughed at your victims because they made stupid faces or ran against things while you chased them?

jack: “no…. would you laugh at an animal you were about to kill or cripple?… I just don’t find it all that… entertaining…” 

Anonymous asked:

*throws kidneys at EJ* stop being so damn cute!!! (Mind my French) and artist, keep up the great work! really love having you on my dash! *runs away*

jack: “…. thank you for the kidney…though i don’t think I’m very…’cute’..”

(the artist: thank you anon!!!)